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'''''Abominog''''' was the 14th album for British rock group Uriah Heep (band)|Uriah Heep. It was their first album without keyboardist Ken Hensley. The album was critically acclaimed and fairly commercially successful, due in part to the band retooling and updating their sound to a contemporary heavy metal style. It featured their last U.S. hits, "On the Rebound" and "That's the Way That It Is". The latter was their highest-charting single of the 1980s, reaching No. 25 on the rock charts.Dave Ling ''Uriah Heep - Uncensored On the Record'' "Preceded by an EP called 'Abominog Junior' that included a Russ Ballard song called 'On The Rebound', 'Son Of A Bitch' and a cover of the Small Faces track 'Tin Soldier', the 'Abominog' album was an unqualified success."
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